Our company have strong R&D team,and keep close cooperation with China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center,Shandong Aricultural University,Nanjing Aricultural University,Qingdao Aricultural University and other facilities.In addition ,our company have a professional expert service team under the leadership of several doctors and professors facing the farm directly ,have solved a large number of problems in the process of breed,In succession, our team have become key teaching practice base of many colleges and universities.

Professional phage research and development and application platform - Recom (Qingdao) Bioengineering Co., Ltd which was founded in Oct,2018 has established two labs: Eucast collaborative Laboratory in Veterinary Microbiology in China,Sio-British phage cooperative R&D Laboratory with the cooperation of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and University of  Leicester.


Prof. Liu Yuqing

PhD of Microorganism, chief scientist of Institute of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and expert in environ-mental control of the poultry industry system in Shandong Province

Director of the Veterinary Drug Resistance Monitoring Network (Varms) of Shandong Province,

engaged in research on bacterial resistance mechanism, monitoring, ecology and prevention and control techniques.


Prof. M. Clokie

PhD of Microorganism,the prosessor and doctor supervisor of University of Leicester,The president of British Virus Ecological Society , the honoary director of phage committee for SAASS ,focus on phage biology and molecular biology and the relationships with hosts and has published 56 papers in internationally renowned journals.

Over the past 15 years, she has been internationally acclaimed for pioneering research on phages developed for therapeutic purposes in humans and animals.


Prof. Shan Jinyu

PhD of Microorganism,the associate prosessor and doctor supervisor of University of Leicester,the deputy director phage committee for SAASS, has focused on phage biology and molecular and the relationships with hosts over a long period of time ,specializes in the research of phage and its derivative products has accessed breakthrough progress in the aspect about C.diff,erythema,salmonella .



Prof. Andrew Millard

PhD of Microorganism,the associate prosessor and doctor supervisor of University Leicester, has focused on phage biology and molecular biology and the relationships with hosts over a long period of time, and specializes in the analysis of genomics and biology,focus on interactional of phage and hosts and has found the first optical cooperation on phage genome has accessed breakthrough  progress on the phages of animal intestinal.


Dr. Zhang Qing

PhD of Microorganism,graduated from the key microorganism laboratory of Shandong University, focus on the the research of phage like the screen of phage , the library of phage , the establishment of high-throughput screen platform , the analysis of biology .


Prof. Wang Jingxue

The professor of Ocean University of China,The research direction is to establish the platform of food safety detection and the development of rapid detection method struck by using luminescence bacteria, develop the development of phage resources and its application in food testing. , attend The National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China and several other serious research on food safety of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, has published more than 20 papers on the leading journals like SCI/EI and so on, has applied 10 national invention patents.At present , is in engaged in the phage application on aquaculture of our company.



Dr. Du Xinyong

PhD of Microorganism. Since 2015 Dr Du in Qingdao Runda Institute of Bioengineering as platform accomplished the deep fermentation of Reshi, the screen and identification  of phage , the physical and chemical identification and etc, and has successfully developed strong specificity and action phages products host on escherichia  coli and salmonella.


Prof. Wu Yangong

Technical experts in livestock and poultry applications, construction of national serum bank and network of national veterinary laboratories.

He is currently an expert on veterinary drug evaluation of the Ministry of Agriculture, a member of the National Standardization Committee, a member of the Bird Disease Credit Association of the Chinese Society of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine.The R&D consultant   of our company.



Dr. Wan Renzhong

PhD of pharmacy,focus on the new the research and evaluation on new drugs , attend The National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China and several other serious subjects, has published more than 40 papers on the leading journal home and abroad,has obtained  4 new veterinary certificates,5new veterinary patents, at present is the consultant  of new veterinary and new  formulation research of our company.



Dr. Yin Yanbo

Professor of Qingdao Agricultural University, Director of Poultry Disease Branch, Chinese Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association. Executive Director, Veterinary Pathology Branch, China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association, and Executive Director, China Poultry Industry Association.

The research direction : the research and development of veterinary biological products , animal disease diagnosis technology and epidemic disease research, veterinarian pathological  research. Obtained 8 national invention patents,  nowR & D consultant of our company .


Dr. Liu Wenqiang

Director of Department of Animal Science-acadmey of Agriculture of Liaocheng University, Master supervisor. Direct the Ministry of Science and Technology Spark Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Provincial agricultural seed project, Provincial doctoral fund and other 6 projects , published more than 30 academic papers in leading journals.


Dr. Song Zhigang

Ph.D, doctoral supervisor, the professor of college of Animal Science and Technology of Shandong Agricultural University,research direction is animal stress physiology, animal appetite regulation, animal anti-breeding technology, pet (cat and dog) nutrition and food.