In 2006, Qingdao Runda Biotechnology Co., Ltd was founded. Runda has  passed the GMP authentication  in 2012 for  the manufacturing of powder/dispersal /premix, powder/granulates (including Chinese medicine extraction), oral solution (including Chinese medicine extraction), non-chlorine disinfectant (liquid) / pesticide (liquid), disinfectant (solid). There are 9 production lines and 12 dosage forms.

The  veterinary drugs and  feed additives developed by Qingdao Runda Biotechnology Co., Ltd  have obtained good effects and cut the breeding cost,  are widly recognized in the market.Qingdao Runda Biotechnology Co., Ltd  has estabished good cooperation with many customers .

“Run Wu Hui Tong , Da Yi Ren Sheng”. Our company will adhere to the  market -oriented  service concept, insist on  the course of “QUALITY -SERVICE -DEVELOPMENT”, focus on the customer needs, and always make more contributions to the development of animal husbandry!


Qingdao Runmu Kang Agricultural and Livestock Co., Ltd was founded in 2012,as an innovation and research institution of Runda Group based on the future ecological breeding.

In order to serve the breeding better, the first joint large-scale experimental chicken farm cooperated was built successfully with Weifang Cofco in Shandong Province,in June, 2013.In the following years, Runda built new experimental farm by ourselves or cooperating with integrators in breeding industry, like RongDa in Hebei, ShiYang Group in ShanXi, etc. 

At the same time, the company also undertakes the job of skill training, new product testing and ecological breeding mode exploration.



Qingdao Runda Institute of Bioengineering  was founded in November 2013,is a service platform focus on diagnosis and detection against  animal epidemic disease and products R&D:Applying serum and molecular biology technology to diagnose the epidemic disease of swine,poultry,furry animal ,to detect the antigens and antibodies, the R & D department uses the biotechnology  to develop new veterinary drugs according to the testing results and carries  these drugs to initially industrialization .

The institute has departments such as serological testing laboratory, fermentation engineering research lab, molecular biological detection research lab, biological extraction research lab, microbial products research lab, physicochemical research lab, achievement transformation research lab and so on, and is equipped with various cutting edge  experimental instruments.




Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2015 .As an independent third-party testing institution that has passed CMA ,CMAF,CATL certification ,and its business scope covers: food, agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, etc.) testing, livestock and poultry products, aquatic products testing, health products,agricultural chemicals (pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed, fertilizer, etc.), environmental and other aspects of testing.

In 2016, Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd also passed multiple items from UK Fapas testing verification.

In March,2017 Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd  passed the verification for  sample verification and the zucchini sample of Shandong Agriculture Department .

agriculturalchemicals(pesticides, veterinary drugs, feed, fertilizer, etc.), environmental and other aspects of testing.

In 2016 ,Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd  passed the  certification of Shandong Province Food and Drug Administration , Shandong Province  Animal Husbandry Bureau and Shandong Province Agricultural Department.

In 2016 , ,Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd also passed multiple items from

UK Fapas testing verification.

In March,2017 Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co.,Ltd passed the verification for“sample verification sample”and “the zucchini sample”of Shandong Agriculture Department .


Recom (Qingdao) Bio-engineering Co., LTD was founded in 2018 as the  professional phage R&D and application platform ,  Recom has built  a professional R&D team  with the cooperation with Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, University of Leicester, Ocean University of China.Under the promotion of Pro.Martha, Pro.Andrew ,Pro.Shan jinyu,Pro.Liu yuqing Recom has set up the Eucast Collaborative Laboratory in Veterinary Microbiology in China  and  Sino-British Phage Cooperative R&D Lab.These two  labs provide better conditions for the R&D of phage, and have obtained  great progress in the field of animal health, plant Health, environment and food !


Qingdao Yimu Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2018,based on the breeding field, meets the market demand, focusing on technology R&D, applying big data, cloud computing, IOT, MONET and other professional technologies provide a one-stop comprehensive solution. Devote to become a leading enterprise in intelligent breeding,and contribute  for the industry intelligent breeding process.


Qingdao Better Import and Export Co.,Ltd was found in April 2021. Our company's main business items: veterinary drug and feed additives business, import and export of goods, technology import and export, import and export agent and others. We always provide customers with good product and technical support and sound after-sales service.