Sanwei Rhizoma Bistortae Oral Liquid

Sanwei Rhizoma Bistortae Oral LiquidVeterinary non-prescription drugsEliminate immunosuppression, improve the body's resistance, cooperate in the treatment of refractory diseases, and treat atypic

Sanwei Rhizoma Bistortae Oral Liquid

Veterinary non-prescription drugs

Eliminate immunosuppression, improve the body's resistance, cooperate in the treatment of refractory diseases, and treat atypical Newcastle disease.

Target animals: Chickens

Generic NameSanwei Rhizoma Bistortae Oral Liquid

Tarde NameRunda Duofu

Main ComponentsPolygonum bistorta, Andrographis Herba, Sophorae Flavescentis Radix and Oligonucleotides.

CharacterDark brown liquid, slight gas, bitter taste.

FunctionTo clear toxic-heat, eliminate dampness and relieve dysentery.

IndicationIt is used to enhance the immune response of animals, treat Newcastle disease and prevent virus diseases.

Adverse ReactionsNo adverse effects were found when used at the recommended dosage.

AttentionsDo not store at high temperature, so as not to affect the efficacy.


Immunomodulators, enhance or inhibit humoral and cellular immunity functions; increase the number of helper T cells, non-specific immunomodulatory effects:

(1) Significantly improve phagocytosis of macrophages

(2) It has strong chemotaxis to neutrophils, can increase monocyte concentration and enhance K cell killing activity;

(3) The target cells were induced to release immunoactive substances.

Use Opportunity

1. Immune complement function: the use of dofu can effectively make up for the problem of low antibody in the immune blank period, greatly improve the disease resistance ability of chickens, play the role of immune complement, pass the risk period safely, and effectively avoid the loss of immune gap. Method of use: when vaccinating on 6-7, 20-21, 27-28 days, drinking water.

2. Late treatment of viral diseases: Atypical Newcastle disease and other viral diseases can be used for 2 days when combined with antibiotics, which can effectively control viral diseases and prevent secondary infections.

Usage and DosageEach bottle can serve 5000 chicks, 3000 medium chickens and 1500 large chickens. Use for 2 days.

StorageStore at 2 ~ 8 ℃ (or keep frozen)

Specification250ml / bottle * 40 bottles

Approval No.Vet. drug No. 153026115


Batch No.

Mfg. Date

Exp. Date

Veterinary drug GMP certificate No.: (2017) Vet. drug GMP certificate No. 15023

Production License No.: (2017) Vet. Drug Production Certificate No. 15302


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