Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Soluble Powder

Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Soluble PowderVeterinary prescription drugs【Generic Name】Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Soluble Powder【Main Components】Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium, Trimethoprim【Ch

Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Soluble Powder

Veterinary prescription drugs

【Generic Name】Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Soluble Powder

【Main Components】Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium, Trimethoprim

【Character】White powder

【Pharmacological Effects】

Sulfanilamide antibiotics. Sulfamethoxine can inhibit the synthesis of dihydrofolate by competing with dihydrofolate synthetase, which eventually blocks the synthesis of nucleic acid, thus preventing the growth and reproduction of bacteria; trimethoprim can prevent the reduction of dihydrofolate to tetrahydrofolate by inhibiting dihydrofolate reductase, thus hindering the synthesis of nucleic acid of bacteria. The combination of sulfamethoxine and trimethoprim can block the metabolism of folic acid and produce synergistic antibacterial effect. 

【Function and Purpose】

Sulfanilamide antibiotics. It is used to treat infection caused by chicken sensitive bacteria, such as respiratory tract, digestive tract infection, chicken coccidiosis and chicken resident leukocytosis.

【Usage and Dosage】

Calculated by this product: mixed drink: for chickens, 1-2 g soluble in 1L water. For 3-5 consecutive days.

【Adverse Reactions】

Long term use can damage the kidney and nervous system, affect weight gain, and may lead to sulfonamide poisoning.


(1) Laying period are forbidden for laying hens. 

(2) Continuous medication should not exceed one week.

【Withdrawal Period】28 days for chickens

【Specifications】100g: sulfamethoxine sodium 8.3g (calculated as sulfamethoxine) + trimethoprim 1.7g


【Storage】Shading, airtight, keep in a cool and dry place.


【Batch No.】

【Mfg. Date】

【Exp. Date】

Approval No.: Veterinary Medicine No. 153026168


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