Liver and Grall Granules(Runganshu)

Liver and Grall Granules Veterinary non-prescription drugs【Generic Name】Liver and Grall Granules【Trade name】Runganshu 【Main components】Isatidis Radix, Artemisiae Scopariae Herba【Character】Brown partic

Liver and Grall Granules 

Veterinary non-prescription drugs

【Generic Name】Liver and Grall Granules

【Trade name】Runganshu 

【Main components】Isatidis Radix, Artemisiae Scopariae Herba

【Character】Brown particles, slightly bitter.

【Functional indication】

To clear toxic-heat, protect liver and gallbladder, sooth liver and strengthen spleen, tonifying spleen. It is refined by advanced Chinese herbal granule technology. There is no drug residue, and there is no taboo in compatibility with antibiotics. It specializes in treating various liver diseases, including drug-induced hepatitis caused by excessive use of chemical drugs, pericardial effusion hepatitis syndrome, inclusion body hepatitis, vibrio hepatitis, viral hepatitis, mycotoxins and other factors. The clinically seen causes of liver yellowing, striped appearance, liver bleeding, congestion, liver enlargement and brittleness, degeneration, necrosis, flower liver, liver rupture, etc. are applicable.


1. Promote the metabolism of mycotoxins. Long-term mycotoxin exceeds the standard and mycotoxin poisoning causes liver damage. It is common in clinics for long-term refractory thinning of birds, rough feathers, and reduced production performance.

2.Liver protection and choleretic, mild cold, Newcastle disease and other viral diseases continue to be infected, and fever causes body fever and liver damage.

3. Long-term use of drugs can cause drug accumulation and improve liver detoxification functions.

4. Promote the metabolism of protein and fat, the high protein content of the feed is too high, which results in increased liver and kidney burden, and fatty liver caused by excessive obesity in poultry.

5. Remove liver and kidney damage caused by bacteremia caused by pathogenic microorganism infection.

【Usage and dosage】

Broilers: Mix 100g with 150kg water, use for 3-5 days.

Laying fowl health care: 1-60 days old, 75kg/ bag, daily use, it can improve the body's immunity and prevention of myoadenogastritis caused by mycotoxin.

Laying fowl treatment: Almost all egg proteins are synthesized by the liver. Dissection of the dead egg hens reveals liver dysplasia or infectious swelling and degeneration. Use this product at 50 kg/bag for 5 days.

【Use opportunity】

1.Broilers and ducks are used for liver health, long-term use of antibiotics, or when other diseases cause liver disease.

2.The intake of chickens and ducks in the middle and late stage does not increase, and the stools are yellow and thin, and when there is adenovirus infection.

【Specifications】Every 1g is equivalent to 3g of raw medicine.

【Package】100g / bag × 100 bags / carton

【Approval No.】Vet. drug No. 153026113


【Batch No.】

【Mfg. Date】

【Exp. Date】

Veterinary drug GMP certificate No.: (2017) Vet. drug GMP certificate No. 15023

Production License No.: (2017) Vet. Drug Production Certificate No. 15302


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