Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium Soluble Powder

Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium Soluble PowderVeterinary prescription drugs【Generic Name】Sulfachloropyrazine sodium soluble powder【Trade Name】Qiu Changqing【Main Components】Sulfachloropyrazine sodium【Charac

Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium Soluble Powder

Veterinary prescription drugs

【Generic Name】Sulfachloropyrazine sodium soluble powder

【Trade Name】Qiu Changqing

【Main Components】Sulfachloropyrazine sodium

【Character】Light yellow powder

【Function and Purpose】Anticoccidial drugs. It is used to treat coccidiosis in sheep, chickens and rabbits.

【Usage and Dosage】Based on this product. Mixed drink: 1g per 1L water broiler and turkey. Use for 3 consecutive days. Mixed feeding: per 1000kg of feed, broiler and turkey 2000g, use for 3 days; rabbit 2000g for 5-10 days. Oral: For every 1kg of body weight, 1.2ml of sheep (made into 10% aqueous solution), for 3-5 days.

【Adverse Reactions】According to the requisite amount has not seen adverse reactions.


(1) No laying period for laying hens.

(2) Drinking water shall not be used for more than 5 consecutive days.

(3) Do not long-term use add to feed.

【Withdrawal Period】Turkey 4 days, broilers 1 day, sheep and rabbits 28 days.



【Storage】Keep out of light and airtight.


【Batch No.】

【Mfg. Date】

【Exp. Date】

Approval No.: Veterinary Medicine No. 153021628


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