The Debut of Recom

2020-03-18 232

In recent years, the problem of food safety has been repeatedly exposed, green culture is of great significance to solve the problem of environmental pollution and food safety, is the basic guarantee of ecological civilization and health, and also the direction of future development.

On January 4,2019,  the first term Green Feed (Egg Poultry) Summit Forum of the Shandong Green No-antibiotics feed Alliance, sponsored by Shandong Feed Industry Association, was successfully held in Jinan. This forum mainly focuses on the theme of "green, health, sharing and win-win ". Qingdao Runda Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Recom (Qingdao) Bio-engineering Co., LTD Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd. together participated in the alliance, set up to provide green healthy food.

At the conference, Dr. Du xinyong, president of the institute of RecomRecom, Dr. Liu yuqing,researcher of animal husbandry and veterinary research institute of shandong academy of agricultural sciences, and, a member of the expert group of RecomRecom, made related reports on phages which caused a strong response.

Firstly,Liu yuqing introduced the  microecological pathways of anti-resistance in laying hens breeding .



under ecosystems, bacteria are embattled, difficult to survive, hard to erupt, a single dependence and use of antibiotics, will inevitably lead to bacterial adaptability —— drug resistance. Expert group members from Varms worked on persistent drug resistance and drug residues:

  1. Drug resistance monitoring: animal-derived bacterial samples are monitored from top to bottom, the competent authorities can grasp the big data of drug resistance in real time, and the data from top to bottom guide regional sequence of drugs and new antimicrobial agents, vaccine applications of epidemic strains.

  2. Lar assessment:instruct drug resistance returns to a sensitive level, bacterial infections can be cured with pharmacopoeia doses and usage and no drug remains in livestock products;

3. SPF chicken feces transplantation to rapidly and safely reduce intestinal bacterial resistance in chicks.

Then Dr. Du Xinyong made a report on the application of bacteriophage in green breeding of laying hens. The report introduces the relevant regulations of green food, the principle of phage.


In response to the problems in aquaculture, Recom Bioengineering Co., Ltd., through many years, collected and screened tens of thousands of data, successfully developed antibiotic replacement products - Changshi(liquid phage), and achieved good results in clinical application.

Bacteriophages are natural weapons against bacterial transmission and infection. Recom will apply phage research and development to the fields of animal protection, plant protection, aquatic products, food and other industries, with new phage products to improve the efficacy of antibiotics, reduce bacterial resistance to antibiotics, improve food safety level, and build the international leading brand of phage research.


Shandong Runda Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a third party testing company focused on food safety of animal husbandry in China, providing a full set of solutions and full testing services for Chinese poultry and eggs "double certification system ". The health of the whole people can not be separated from safe livestock and poultry products, promote the concept of green health without anti-breeding we are imperative! We will continue to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the poultry industry!



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