Long Term Preservation and Titer Maintenance of Qingdao Runda Phage

2022-03-03 qdrunda 179

Experimental design and Initial Titer】

In order to observe the titer stability of phages in low temperature (4℃) , four phages were selected for long-term storage, and the titer of phages was measured every month.



  1. Titer of Salmonella phage after long-term preservation (4℃).


    Fig 1 Variation trend of Salmonella titer under low temperature preservation(4℃)

    Note: the lysis titers of the two phages tested basically did not decrease under the storage environment of 4 ℃. It has been maintained at about 109 ~ 10pfu / ml.

2. Titer of E. coli phage after long-term preservation(4℃).


Fig 3 Variation trend of E.coli titer under low temperature preservation(4℃)

Note: Under the environment of 4 ℃, the lysis titer of the two phages decreased by 2~3 orders of magnitude, and then remained at about 105 ~ 6pfu / ml.


hrough the long-term preservation experiment, it is proved that Salmonella and Escherichia coli can maintain the lysis titer well under the condition of refrigeration (4℃).