​Runda Biology 2021 VIV Qingdao animal husbandry exhibition ended perfectly

2021-09-24 qdrunda 143

On September 17, 2021, the three-day VIV Qingdao Asia International intensive animal husbandry exhibition was successfully concluded in Qingdao World Expo City.

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For 3 days, Runda Bio's booth attracted countless visitors to the exhibition, and the staff always communicated with everyone with full enthusiasm and patience.


Runda Biology brought the latest products and service solutions to the VIV exhibition, and received enthusiastic attention from the exhibitors. In this exhibition, Runda Bio won the "Epidemic Prevention and Control-Outstanding Contribution Award", which is the industry's high recognition of Runda Bio's efforts in the field of disease prevention and control in the animal husbandry industry. Runda Bio will also bring more anti-antibiotic products and service solutions to the animal husbandry industry!

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Under the detailed explanations of the staff, the characteristics and advantages of Runda's products are vividly displayed. After having a certain understanding of the products, many visitors left their contact information one after another, hoping to further cooperate with the company.

In the future, Runda will continue to work hard, actively innovate, produce higher quality products, and make unremitting efforts to ensure the food safety of the people.